We believe every child deserves an equal opportunity to change the world

We are on a journey to improve early childhood development through simple, scalable and efficient solutions and we hope to transform children's lives along the way.


ECD Hub has identified various thematic areas that are key in accelerating Early Childhood Education.

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ECD Hub is a social enterprise established to design, provide and promote use of innovations and enhancing integration of technology in improving Access and Quality of Early Childhood Development for sustainable development.

Physical,cognitive, linguistics and socio-emotional development of young children are critical to putting them on a path to greater prosperity which will result to making countries more productive and compete more successfully in a rapidly changing global economy.

Today,millions of young children in rural, arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya are not reaching their full potential because of lack of early stimulation materials, poor learning environments, insufficient nurturing care and exposure to stress has adversely affected their development.

We have been spiritually tasked to develop solutions for Sustainable Development Goal number 4, which focuses on ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning.

Kelvin Malenya | Founding Partner, ECD Hub


ECDHub has identified various thematic areas that are key in accelerating Early Childhood Education

The Ark (Mobile Classroom)

A fully equipped modern and mobile classroom that can fit up to 25 children strategically placed within ECD centers in rural arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya. A classroom designed from a 12 meter (40 foot) shipping container that comes equipped with learning materials and tools.


Information,Communication and Technologies for Education (ICT4E) has the potential to help strengthen evidence-based programming already in place by:
• Expanding access and equity to resources and programming,
• Motivating engagement in the learning process at the individual, caregiver,teacher, and community levels,
• Improving efficiency and quality of data collection for monitoring and evaluation  (M&E) activities,
• Diversifying teaching techniques for different learning styles and abilities
• Promoting digital literacy that supports learners in acquiring problem solving,critical thinking, and teamwork skills

Needs Assessment

Systematic process for determining and addressing needs/ gaps between current conditions and desired conditions/wants in Early Childhood Development. The discrepancy between the current condition and wanted condition must be measured to appropriately identify the need i.e Infrastructure development, learning materials and tools, Feeding programme, water sanitation and health (WASH) in ECDE Centers.

Stakeholder Engagement

Is a key part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and achieving the triple bottom line.Stakeholder Engagement is the practice of influencing a variety of outcomes through consultation, communication, negotiation, compromise, and relationship building.

Capacity Building

The success of sustained expansion of quality ECD programming depends  entirely on the capacity  of its application both  in theory and practice  among all relevant stakeholders including;  designers, planners, trainers, managers, practitioners, monitors and evaluators, funders, and parents.

Impact Stories

Impact stories highlights the challenges, solutions, programs, innovations, training and technology that will inform stakeholders and the General Public on the current state, strides taken and future drivers of  Early Childhood Development


Enterprises can now tap into our trusted ecosystem of partners including agencies, systems integrators, and technology providers who can help them build best-in-class

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Kelvin Malenya
Raphael Malenya Mutisya
Louis Wajeiya
Arthur Ngugi Kimani


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